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Minneapolis Roofing Contractors Help Homeowners Deal with Ice Dams

Minneapolis is said to have the coldest average temperature of all U.S. metropolitan areas. Current winter conditions are further testament to this fact, according to a recent report by Alastair Jamieson and Simon Moya-Smith of NBC News.

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Roofing in Rochester, MN: Knowing When to Repair and When to Replace

This year, several storms have pelted the Midwest with rain, wind, and hail, causing damage to homes, especially to roofing. In August, the residents of New London in Minnesota felt the wrath of a powerful hail storm and many homes … Continue reading

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Reputable Minneapolis Roofing Contractors Give the Lowdown on Wood

Minneapolis communities have varying housing styles such as the post-war bungalow, ranch, and contemporary. Many of them use structural components made of wood since it is known for its natural beauty and rustic appearance. However, apart from its aesthetic benefits, … Continue reading

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