Roofing in Rochester, MN: Knowing When to Repair and When to Replace

This year, several storms have pelted the Midwest with rain, wind, and hail, causing damage to homes, especially to roofing. In August, the residents of New London in Minnesota felt the wrath of a powerful hail storm and many homes have to undergo extensive roof repair, according to Carolyn Lange of the West Central Tribune.

half of all homes in new london will have new shingles and roof repairs

NEW LONDON — Nearly two months after a hard-hitting hail storm pounded northern Kandiyohi County, contractors are still busy repairing residential and commercial buildings, and the work likely won’t be completed until next summer.

It’s expected that more than half of all the homes in the city of New London will have new shingles and roof repairs because of the extensive hail damage that took place Aug. 6, said Jim Solheid, New London building inspector.

This is really unique,” said Solheid, adding that he’s never had so many permits at one time for a single storm event.

As of Wednesday morning the city had already received 95 permits for reshingling and more permits arrive daily.

Rochester, which is only three hours away from New London, were lucky to be spared by the hail storm, but residents there might not be so lucky next time. It will help to have roofing in Rochester, MN inspected regularly to spot problems early and have them repaired immediately; doing so will most likely save homeowners from extensive repair costs later. However, when are repairs no longer enough and when should a new roof be installed?

The people at suggest some tips regarding this issue. The first thing that must be done is to get an assessment from trusted Rochester roofers like Family First Construction; your personal view may not be enough to detect all the problems you may have. A roof that has cracked, torn, bald or missing shingles only requires repair and replacement of certain parts, while one with a sagging deck, signs of water damage, and dark spots and trails most likely requires a complete overhaul.

The cost to have roofs repaired or replaced is no laughing matter. Thus, it is important to prepare in advance and have regular maintenance checks so that small problems don’t become nightmare jobs in the future. Make sure to contact only the most reputable firms in the roofing industry so that you can get the best price and service.

(From Half of all homes in New London will have new shingles and roof repairs because of extensive hail damage,West Central Tribune,September 25, 2013)

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