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In 2010 a team of Hudson, WI roofing professionals established Family First Construction, and with over 50 years of combined industry experience we know exactly how to take care of your roof.  Our region of the country experiences particularly intense storms which can wreak havoc on roofing, so whether you’re in search of a licensed and fully accredited contractor that provides Hudson, WI roof repairs, or you’re looking for new residential roofing in Hudson, WI that will last, we can help.

What Sets Family First Construction Apart From Other Roofing Professionals?


There are a lot of roofing contractors that you can choose from when it comes to new construction, roof repairs, or other roofing services, but at Family First Construction, we do things differently.

  • Our name says it all: we put your family first.  Damaged roofing materials can be disastrous to the structure and contents in a home, but they can also create more than just an inconvenience for family members.  That’s why we respond quickly so we can provide you with the Hudson, WI roof repairs or other roofing services you need.

  • Superior customer service.  We have a team of highly skilled craftsmen who can provide you with exceptional Hudson, WI roofing services, but we also have a team of expert sales and office staff to support you.

  • We are Better Business Bureau accredited.  Not all construction companies have the backing of the Better Business Bureau, but we are proud to say we do.

  • We address more than just roofing issues.  When we repair a roof we ensure that the entire roofing structure, including all the items that sit on top of the roof, is fully integrated.  This means that chimneys, flashing, gutters, ventilation, and more are sealed properly so you don’t have to worry about leaks.

  • We provide on-call, emergency repairs.  If you notice damage following a storm, give us a call.  When a major leak occurs we can take action quickly to minimize the damage and to provide you with a sound roofing structure.


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For the best residential roofing in Hudson, WI, call Family First Construction at 651-462-3265.  You can also get in touch with us by completing our convenient online request form.

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