Keeping your roof healthy and fully functional is essential to ensuring the protection of your home and family from the weather. In addition to regular cleaning, you should have your home's roof inspected at least every 3 to 5 years by the professional Minneapolis roofers of Family First Construction.

If you suspect your roof may have been damaged in a storm or by falling debris call Family First Construction right away for a damage assessment inspection that could help prevent a minor problem from becoming a major expense.

After years of being exposed to the weather a Minneapolis roofing system can start to wear and break down. Curling, peeling, warping and eventual disintegration of roof shingles, splitting wood or worn tiles, or rusting metal panels and flashing can lead to permanent damage to your roof and, eventually, serious damage to the overall structure of your home.
Here are just a few of the things the professional Minneapolis roofers of Family First Construction look for when inspecting a roof:


  • Missing, loose or worn shingles or tile

  • Discoloration of roofing shingles or panels

  • Rust spots or loose seams on metal roofs

  • Worn membranes or bare patches on commercial roofs

  • Granules from shingles collecting in gutters

  • Loose flashing in valleys or around chimneys or vents

  • Blocked roof vents

  • Mold growth

  • Staining on exterior walls and ceilings

  • Stains or dampness on underside of roof decking

  • Loose or leaking gutters

  • Blocked downspouts

Don't let a worn or damaged roof allow the weather to damage your home. Call Family First Construction to schedule a thorough, professional inspection of your Minneapolis roofing system to help head off disaster and expensive repairs.

Call on the professional Minneapolis roofers for Minneapolis roof repairs and inspections.

Trust the repair and restoration of your roof to the professionals at Family First Construction. Call 651-462-3265 for a free Minneapolis roof repair estimate today by or complete our on-line quote request form.

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