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New energy efficient replacement windows in Stillwater can make a world of difference in your monthly utility bills.  That’s just one reason why we recommend that homes with older windows get them replaced.  There are, of course, aesthetics to take into consideration as well.  Replacing old windows can transform the appearance of your home, enhancing curb appeal instantly.  At Family First Construction, we are in business to provide you with exceptional replacement windows, doors, and gutters in Stillwater.

Who We Are

We have been in business since 2010 and have over 50 years of combined industry experience, and we serve individuals, families, and businesses in the Stillwater area.  We have expert knowledge on how storms impact this region of the country.  High winds, hail, rains, and other precipitation can cause damage to our homes, but when windows, gutters, and doors in Stillwater are maintained or replaced properly there are not usually concerns to worry about.  Our team of highly skilled craftsmen knows exactly how to install these items so your home and family is protected from the elements.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Contractors

It’s our incredible attention to the details along with our family friendly tradesmen that makes the difference.  We know that we are in the construction industry, but we are also in the business of making families’ lives a little better.  Leaks and the damage from them can cause financial loss and can be the source of major inconvenience.  That’s why we have on-call services so you can get windows, doors, and gutters in Stillwater help when you need it.  We can make the best of a bad situation, and we can do it with speed and quality results.

Our Services

In addition to beautifying your home and increasing energy efficiency with new windows, we also do the following:

  • Roof maintenance, repairs, and installation

  • Door installation

  • Siding maintenance and installation

  • Window installation

  • Rain gutter repairs and installation


Contact Us

Get family friendly service from skilled craftsmen when you contact Family First Construction.  We can be reached by calling 651-462-3265 or by filling out our convenient online request form.

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