Protecting Your Home From Storm Damage

It’s important to call your roofing contractors in Minneapolis after a major storm, because it can be difficult to tell if your roof has sustained damage. But just because you escaped unscathed from a major windstorm or heavy hail doesn’t mean your roof is okay. After any storm, it’s a good idea to have a look around your yard and property for clues. Wind and hail that was strong enough to damage other structures means your roof could have also suffered. Look for any of the following signs:

  • Shredded foliage or downed branches

  • Large branches or debris that have landed on your roof

  • Blown over fences

  • Large hailstones or dents on vehicles from hail

  • Cracks on windows or chipped house paint, dented siding

  • Small pieces of roofing shingle to whole shingles on the ground

Many homes in the Minneapolis area have already been damaged by storms over the past few years, and homeowners may not even realize it. Even small leaks in roofs can worsen over time and cause thousands of dollars in water damage.

Emergency Damage Protection

You don’t want to put off calling an experienced roofing contractor when an emergency occurs. Our on-call emergency team is available day or night to put a stop to major damage and lay down the groundwork for the repairs that will restore your roof and your home’s security as quickly as possible. Plus, our work with nationally renowned GAF roofing products guarantees that your roof’s materials and labor will be covered in the event of a manufacturer error.

Our Experience With Insurance Claims

We have years of experience working with insurance companies and adjustors, which will take a load off your shoulders during the stressful period after your roof is damaged from a storm. We’ve been known to catch damage that even some insurance inspectors have missed. This can save you a huge headache and expensive repairs in the future.

If your home has weathered a bad storm in the last couple of years, it’s a good idea to call the roofing contractors Minneapolis homeowners trust to repair and restore the value and function of their roofing systems. Call Family First Construction to set up your free inspection, and put your mind at rest about storm damage.


A hailstorm can be one of the most damaging disasters for a roof. Even if your roof appears to be OK, a hailstorm can result in hidden damage. The professional Minneapolis roofers from Family First Construction are specially trained and experienced to determine the damage and make corrective action. We will conduct an on-site inspection of your roof to determine whether or not the underlayment and supporting structure was damaged. Many times hailstorms produce no visible damage — only a trained roofing hail damage specialist can uncover hidden trouble.

If your roof has survived a hailstorm without clearly visible damage, that doesn’t mean the damage isn’t there. When hail hits your roof it creates a “bruise” which can crack the underlying membrane in your shingles and allow water to seep into your home. It may not leak the day after the storm but over time the water will find its way in. It's difficult to determine whether a shingled roof needs to be replaced after a hailstorm because the damage is not readily evident.

Our experts in Minneapolis roof repairs take the time to check the entire roof structure and gutter system. A large amount of granules collecting in a homes gutter troughs is a sign that the hailstorm has caused significant erosion of shingles.. It doesn't take much of a hailstorm to dislodge a significant number of granules from your shingles, thereby exposing the asphalt and shortening the service life of your roof.

Family First Construction also has experience in working with insurance companies and adjusters, and can help coordinate your insurance claim to make sure you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled. This includes complete documentation of the Minneapolis hail damage for claims purposes.

Rely on the professional Minneapolis roofers for efficient Minneapolis roof repairs.

Trust the repair and restoration of your roof to the professionals at Family First Construction. Call 651-462-3265 for a free Minneapolis roof repair estimate today or complete our on-line quote request form.

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