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After the Storm: Action Plan for Minneapolis, MN Roof Repair

As the most exposed part of your home, the roof takes a real beating from the elements. No matter the season—from the scorching summer heat to blistering cold of winter—your roof holds itself up constantly daring the elements and weather conditions, and keeping itself together to enclose and protect you and your loved ones. However, storms are probably the hardest-hitting challenge for any roof, as this article from Best Pick Reports notes:

How storm damage affects your roof

Wind can blow shingles right off your roof, leaving it vulnerable to water intrusion. Water can seep into damaged underlayment and begin to rot the decking below. Even a small number of fallen shingles can lead to extensive water damage. Simply nailing shingles back down on damaged decking will not solve the problem……. Shingle loss may or may not require a roof replacement, depending on the number of shingles that have blown off, the extent of the water damage, and the age of the roof.

If your roof was damaged by a recent storm, below is a handy action plan for roof repair that Minneapolis, MN residents should take:


Before anything else, make sure that you and your family are safe. Storm-battered homes can severely weaken the integrity of your roofing structure and evacuating your family may be the safer course of action than staying inside. This is especially true when your roof has been somewhat unhinged, and appear ready to collapse at any moment.


Many homeowners want to climb up to their roof to inspect the damage, but a slippery roof can be dangerous. Instead, use binoculars to scope out the damage from the ground. If a closer inspection is needed, you may use a ladder but make sure to tie it down or brace for added stability. Wear rubber-soled shoes to prevent slipping and wear gloves to avoid cuts.


Shingles will often be torn off, fallen tree branches can dent your roof, and metal fascias might be blown away. Be on the lookout for anything missing, broken, perforated or collapsed during the inspection. All these are potential sources of water seepage into the home.

CALL IN PROFESSIONAL MINNEAPOLIS ROOFING CONTRACTORS With the extent of the damage surveyed, it’s best to contact roofing experts to perform the needed repairs. There are companies like Family First Construction that specialize in repairing storm-damaged roofs and will even work with insurance companies to facilitate claims.

(Article Excerpt and Image from, After the storm—Do I need a new Roof?)

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