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The Benefits of Hiring Licensed Roofing Contractors in Rochester, MN

Originally Posted on October 16, 2013 by Justin Hansen

Your roof is one of the sturdiest parts of your home. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, asphalt roofs can last up to twenty years while metal roofing can survive up to forty. Still, as with any part of your home, the passage of time and extreme weather conditions will eventually necessitate roof repair or replacement.

In the same way that you won’t entrust home renovation to just anybody, make sure to only hire licensed roofing contractors in Rochester, MN, like those from Family First Construction. The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) provides an overview of the need to license residential building contractors:

In 1992 the State of Minnesota established a law requiring contractors who build or improve residential real estate to obtain a state license. Prior to 1992, residential contractors were regulated at the local level if they were regulated at all. This minimal oversight exposed consumers to abuses at the hands of unscrupulous actors in the industry, and legitimate contractors were required to comply with a confusing patchwork of local licensing requirements.

The intent of the state licensing program is to provide a measure of consumer protection and to enhance the professionalism of the home building and remodeling industry in Minnesota.

While unlicensed contractors might offer lower quotations for roof work, consider first the benefits that hiring a licensed contractor offers:


Before a license can be granted to a Rochester, MN roofing contractor, a principal representative of the company must first pass a written examination given by the DLI. Upon passing it, the contractor must then submit all necessary business documents for registration to proceed—a safeguard against fly-by-nighters. Once licensed, the contractor is then required by the state to take continuing education classes throughout the year.

For any work that adds value to a home and involves a structural change, the City of Minnesota first issues a building permit to ensure safety standards. If roof repairs are being done by a contractor, it is his responsibility to secure the appropriate permits. However, no permit will be issued to unlicensed contractors.


Every time a contractor files for or renews his license, he pays a fee towards the Contractor Recovery Fund. The fund was created as a safety net for homeowners should a licensed contractor cause property damage due to dishonest practices or poor service. The client can file a case against the contractor and should they win, the reimbursement will be supplied by the recovery fund.

(Article Excerpt from, What is residential building contractor licensing about?)

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