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Is your Rochester, MN Roofing System Built to Handle Heavy Snowfall?

Originally Posted on January 3, 2014 by Justin Hansen

Rochester, MN may not suffer as much from brutal winter conditions unlike neighboring areas like Minneapolis and St. Paul, but the city does experience significant snow accumulation during this period. As such, most locals are rightly worried about snow accumulation on their roof. Jason DeRusha of CBS Minnesota writes, however, that this shouldn’t be a cause for concern for homes with sturdy roofs.

According to calculations prepared by WCCO-TV Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak, Saturday’s 17 inches of fluffy snow weighed about six pounds per square foot. Roofs in southern Minnesota have to be built to handle 35 pounds of snow per square foot on average.

The code for roofs changes depending on where you live. In northern Minnesota, roofs have to withstand 42.5 pounds of snow per square foot.

Roofs are built to handle even more than that, in case the snow drifts to one side.

Ensuring that a roof is strong enough to withstand heavy snow loads starts as early as the home construction phase.

Engineers work together with builders to determine the right depth or height of the rafters, which provide the structural support for the roofing system. Even if you have the type of roofing in Rochester, MN that’s designed to handle maximum snow loads, you still need to keep an eye out for winter conditions that are beyond the norm.

Immediately after an episode of heavy snowfall, head to your attics and check the rafters for any signs of weakening, like bending or flexing to the side. If such signs are present, refrain from applying unsafe measures—such as using a blowtorch, for instance—to get rid of snow on the roof. Instead, leave the crucial task of snow removal to trusted roofing contractors in Rochester, MN such as Family First Construction who can also carry out the necessary repairs and reinforcement to enable your roof to withstand heavy snowfall better than before.

Potential roof damage due to heavy snow accumulation is something Rochester homeowners should take seriously. For optimum safety, locals can hire trusted roofers like the ones from Family First Construction for prompt and thorough snow removal.

(Article Information from Good Question: How Much Snow Can Our Roofs Handle?,, Published 14 December 2010)

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May 27, 2022

These roofs can hold much snow over it and it won't affect it at all but if somehow the roof gets damaged then it's important to contact a roof repair company to get it fixed soon.

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